Friday 24 September 2010

Afternoon stroll up Guildhall Hill

Guildhall Hill Norwich
Take a stroll up Guildhall Hill maybe have tea and cake at the Garden Cafe. You can be kitted out at Philip Browne and at the Pure Ladies Boutique.  Fashionable shoes at Imeldas. Take a look at the Guildhall in wonder and your imagination will take you back in history.

Hail a taxi and you can speed past City Hall, while the lions stand guard on a fine city in front of the multicoloured market stalls fluttering in the wind. The pavement is full of pigeons and the sound of busy shoppers. An young office worker is on his mobile arranging a lunchtime meeting at the Sir Garnet Wolseley while a lady is searching for bargains at the Supermarket.

The aroma of mouthwatering treats fill the air as the first few bars of an acoustic guitar can be heard. The sound of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues is being sung by an enthusiastic busker with an cowboy hat dressed in black. A Juggler is performing amazing skills that he learnt  in Chapelfield Gardens.

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