Friday 28 January 2011

Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel giving us a Freak Folk history lesson!

Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel bringing
Freak Folk to Norwich Arts Centre
Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel brought their anti-folk show from New York to Norwich Arts Centre last Sunday night. The support came from the Tiger MCs who put on a fine show even though Mark Jennings' bass guitar broke and he was left on stage as some kind of folk Bez!

Give a jurassic hi five to the Tiger MCs as they went live without a bass guitar. It was one of those wrecking ball nights for them. Great folk songs with In Columns being a great song to finish on.

Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel took to the stage like two beatnik legends as they provided us with a very special intimate gig. Peter Stampfel of the sixties legendary Holy Modal Rounders' said that Norwich Arts Centre which dates back to the Thirteenth Century was the oldest venue he had ever played in. 

As usual Jeffrey Lewis gave us a history lesson through his comic books. This time it was the French Revolution and the fall of the Soviet Union. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea and neither Jeffrey or Peter have been busted. Tonight was a history lesson of another sort, the history of Freak Folk. We were took on a musical tour back to New York in the Sixties and onto Peter Stampfel's appearance on the Easy Rider soundtrack with the Bird Song.

Peter's bottle top collection made an appearance with the Lemmy one being the coolest. Overall it was a brilliant night. Many thanks to both Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel for teaching all an important lesson in musical history and for giving us a night to remember.

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