Thursday 22 September 2011

The Madness of George III at Norwich Theatre Royal

On Monday 19th September 2011 I attended The Madness of George III by Alan Bennett at Norwich Theatre Royal. The King was played by David Haig as we were taken back to London,Winsdor and Kew in 1788-89.

King George III was struck down by a series of physical and psychiatric symptoms which meant he couldn't carry on his duties as sovereign and an Act of Regency loomed. Doctors were summoned to give a diagnosis of the King's illness including Dr Francis Willis who would recommend fresh air, regular exercise and farm work in the Lincolnshire countryside.

With wonderful costumes and great use of the stage scenery we were treated to an amazing evening's entertainment. Complete with the music of Handel there were many laughs throughout the play which resulted in a standing ovation at the end. You would be mad to miss it!

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