Friday 18 March 2011

Wu Lyf proving the hype!

Wu Lyf bringing their hits
to Norwich Arts Centre!
On Tuesday I was Norwich Arts Centre for the Wu Lyf gig with support from S Maharba who provided us with some psych-soul to warm us up for the main event.

Wu Lyf have kept an air of mystery around themselves and came to Norwich with lots of hype and expectations. Ellery Roberts introduced their set as their Disney hits. Heavy Pop indeed from these Mancunians.

They gave us a performance to make us think and maybe one day we will say we were at Norwich Arts Centre when Wu Lyf played. Spitting It Concreate Like The Golden Sun God got us all coming over dark like a rainy day in Manchester.

At the end of their set Ellery Roberts said that's all folks. This is not the last time we will hear from Wu Lyf who have that certain something about them to make them a special band.

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