Thursday 12 August 2010

It's never dull on St Benedict's Street!

On St Benedict's Street you can drink and be merry at the Ten Bells. Wander down the street to Rumbling Tum for something to eat. Go to Soundclash for the latest cool tunes then cross the road to the Arts Centre and see the band live.

The Bicycle Shop is not what it seems. Drink wine as you remember when it was a bicycle shop with vintage cycling posters and bike-wheel lampshades decorating the walls.

Amaze your friends by hiring fancy dress from Top Hat. You can be a cowboy or an indian. Boats n Bits will help you get on the water.

If you are from Denton, Texas you will be amazed you might even see Roscoe walking along the street. It's a special place to celebrate with lots of character. It's never dull on St Benedict's Street. It's full of charm and variety.

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