Monday 23 August 2010

Relaxing in St Gregory's Alley!

St Gregory's Alley, Norwich Photo by Zilanqing
The Sun is shining and people are busily making their way around the City. In St. Gregory's Alley the atmosphere is more relaxed as everyone is soaking up the atmosphere of a lazy afternoon. Not a worry in the world but purchasing from Ronaldo's ice cream wagon.

Long queues at the Grosvenor Fish Bar for fish n chips while the bar of The Birdcage is serving the finest ales. A busker begin's to sing Blowin' in the Wind while the roofs and green are full of pigeons. At St.Gregory's Church you can stop for a moment to browse at the craft fair. Maybe indulge in a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Young men are getting the latest hair styles at Croppers with a friendly smile. At Goldfinches ladies and gentlemen are browsing and purchasing chic vintage clothes.

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