Thursday 7 April 2011

The Unthanks giving us North East delights!

The Unthanks keeping it folk at Norwich
Arts Centre
On Monday night The Unthanks headlined at Norwich Arts Centre with support from The Trembling Bells who took us on a Big Star journey with their experimental folk.

Rachel and Becky Unthank took to the stage and transported us to their Northumberland home singing happy and sad songs, well mostly sad songs to move us all. The Unthanks showcased their new recently released album Last.

They gave beautiful performances of Gan to the Kye, The Gallowgate Lad, Queen of Hearts and Close to the Coalhouse Door among others. We might have an Unthank Road in Norwich but that doesn't mean we can understand them.

On a number of occasions Rachel and Becky had to explain Geordie pronunciation to the audience including the line when I was young I lived in a hole but now I'm married and I've no home at all. This made a lot more sense when we were told that hole was hall.

Rachel was heavily pregnant so it was left to Becky to entertain us with her clog dancing. This was a delightful night of folk music at Norwich Arts Centre which I'm sure everyone in the sold out audience enjoyed very much.

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