Thursday 30 September 2010

Chicharito Scores!

Chicharito celebrates!
Nani to Kiko on to Chicharito! Little Green Pea puts the ball into the back of the net! Goal to United, Chicharito celebrates by kissing the United badge on his shirt. Sometimes you get what you deserve. Sir Alex Ferguson went for it by putting Chicharito and Kiko on against Valencia and was fully rewarded for going for it.

This result takes the pressure away from the remaining group matches in the Champions League meaning that we can concentrate more on the Premier League up until Christmas.

Chicharito is such a natural goalscorer and hopefully given further chances he can turn this into goals in the Premier League. Kiko is looking more and more at home in the first team. The future is looking very bright at United. Competition for places is always healthy. Dimitar Berbatov has started very brightly this season and is finally looking the business at Old Trafford. 
Michael Owen scored 3 goals last week showing that he still has a great eye for finding the back of the net. Let's hope that when Wayne Rooney returns he finally finds his top form again. Then it will be full speed ahead for nineteen times and the Champions League Final at Wembley.

Wednesday 29 September 2010

On The Norwich Music Scene!

Katie Allard of The Kabeedies
Last year Norwich was placed in 15th place on the NME Cool list. There is definitely a healthy and thriving music scene going on in the City full of innovative progressive music. If you think of a Norwich sound you mind turns to Bearsuit, The Neutrinos, The Kabeedies and violet violet all Art Punk female fronted bands. Then there's the indie sounds of These Ghosts, The Olympians complete with their famous trumpet, Kunk, Loyal Few, Great Shakes and The Barlights.

Sennen are one of the top shoegazing bands in the country with three excellent albums behind them. Takeda are new on the scene with their folk music with added ambient droning and loud drums who have just released their debut EP Hufsa. Girl in a Thunderbolt mix of indie, soul and cabaret has got star quality. Her album Seven Sisters that she recorded in Norway is a brilliant slice of soulful indie. Sargasso Trio have added a Latin twist to the scene.

When you have such a beautiful venue as Norwich Arts Centre in your City then playing their regularly is something to inspire too. This year I've seen gigs from Rory McVicar, Great Shakes and Takeda at Norwich Puppet Theatre an amazing place to put an event on. Other venues include Take 5, Olives Cafe, Ten Bells, St Gregory's Centre, The Birdcage, The Marquee, Dragon Hall and B2 proving their is plenty of music beyond UEA and The Waterfront. Keep your eyes and ears open then you will discover many musical delights in this Fine City.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Photos from Neutrinos gig at Norwich Arts Centre 25th September 2010

The Sargasso Trio strutting their stuff!
Photo by Julie Layden
All the Ladies in the House!
Photo by Julie Layden
Karen Reilly of The Neutrinos
Photo by Julie Layden
Let's have a Norwich Musical Celebration!
Photo by Julie Layden

Monday 27 September 2010

Norwich bands take my breath away!

Karen Reilly of The Neutrinos
On Saturday 25th September 2010 it was a night of celebrating Norwich music at Norwich Arts Centre with a triple bill of exciting sonic sounds. The Neutrinos, Sargasso Trio and Girl In A Thunderbolt all gave storming performances which if you allow me to quote Berlin. All the bands take my breath away! Incidentally Berlin is where The Neutrinos have been recording their latest album The Butcher of Common Sense. Another twist on the night was that all the bands did covers of each others songs.

First on stage was Girl In A Thunderbolt who literally caused a big bang on stage! Her sound was soulful and haunting with brilliant guitar playing laced with a pinch of swing. Her music is very varied taking in influences from punk to cabaret. When her set finished I went straight to the merch table and bought a copy of her album Seven Sisters. 

Next on stage were The Sargasso Trio with their salsa sounds full of latin beats. Full of drums and keyboards they brought their eclectic music to life on stage. The crowd were highly entertained for a Saturday night and great fun was had by all. 

Headliners The Neutrinos commanded the stage with their art-punk noise. Their set was full of energy and theatre. They got the quite ones out of the way first then rocked. We had complete darkness and stories from Berlin. Karen Reilly didn't just sing but brought various facial expressions to her performance. The crowd were so in love with The Neutrinos they could have got away with anything.

Saturday 25 September 2010

Laura Marling live at Norwich Waterfront Friday 26th November 2010

Laura Marling
Laura Marling is live at Norwich Waterfront on Friday 26th November 2010. This is a brilliant opportunity to catch this unique talent at a small venue. She has already released two excellent albums. Alas I Cannot Swim and I Speak Because I Can. These album titles alone have loads of lyrical meanings, this is before you get to the amazing songs.

Songs like Rambling Man, Ghosts, Crawled Out Of The Sea and Night Terror are great examples of Laura's talent at song writing and performing live. Listening to both her albums is like therapy as the music seems to have a calming effect. She has said herself that writing songs is is a kind of self-therapy.

I find her music is full of compelling melody combined with poetry. Folk Music with a creative edge, she is definitely one of the stars of this generation. I would highly recommend that you get a ticket while you still can. It's going to be an inspiring night.

Friday 24 September 2010

Afternoon stroll up Guildhall Hill

Guildhall Hill Norwich
Take a stroll up Guildhall Hill maybe have tea and cake at the Garden Cafe. You can be kitted out at Philip Browne and at the Pure Ladies Boutique.  Fashionable shoes at Imeldas. Take a look at the Guildhall in wonder and your imagination will take you back in history.

Hail a taxi and you can speed past City Hall, while the lions stand guard on a fine city in front of the multicoloured market stalls fluttering in the wind. The pavement is full of pigeons and the sound of busy shoppers. An young office worker is on his mobile arranging a lunchtime meeting at the Sir Garnet Wolseley while a lady is searching for bargains at the Supermarket.

The aroma of mouthwatering treats fill the air as the first few bars of an acoustic guitar can be heard. The sound of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues is being sung by an enthusiastic busker with an cowboy hat dressed in black. A Juggler is performing amazing skills that he learnt  in Chapelfield Gardens.

Monday 20 September 2010

A Celebration of Norwich Music!

Please make it to Norwich Arts Centre on Saturday 25th September 2010 for a night celebrating Norwich Music! Doors open at 8.00 pm!

With The Neutrinos, The Sargasso Trio and Girl In A Thunderbolt all playing live it's a night not to be missed! All the bands are amazing live!

Tickets are £7.50 in advance. £5.00 concessions and £8.50 on the door. Avaliable from Norwich Arts Centre or online at:

Dimitar Berbatov Superhero!

Dimitar Berbatov Superhero
His name is Dimitar Berbatov and he's so cool he doesn't even have to try. If everyone around him seem to be running around like headless chickens he is calmly walking around without a care in the world. While Steven Gerrard is getting carried away kissing the camera Dimitar just goes one better! He is a Superhero for the 21st Century!

What a brilliant moment for all United fans yesterday when Dimitar Berbatov grabbed a hat-trick in the 3-2 win over Liverpool. His spectacular second goal when he brought down a cross on his thigh with his back to the goal and scored with an overhead kick will go down in history as one of those special goals scored at Old Trafford.

From this moment he can go on and have an outstanding season at United. All along we all knew he had the ability now is the time to deliver! Believe in Dimitar Berbatov!

Friday 17 September 2010

Serena Maneesh bring the noise!

Serena Maneesh
It's a special treat when bands like Serena Maneesh play at Norwich Arts Centre. I can state the obvious of My Bloody Valentine but there is so much to their sound as well. My ears are still trying to recover from last night. In fact they feel like a cat in a washing machine! As the band stated on stage, some days are just like that. They are absolute Legends!

Emil Nikolaisen is the King of Norway as far as music is concerned. He is a brilliant showman and amazing on stage. Epic walls of sound building up creating almost a nervous tension then the next moment is filled with beautiful melody. This creates an interesting contrast in sounds and mood. At times it seems that the band are completely out of control then the next they have come back from the edge.

Loud guitars filled with pop sensibilities almost had the crowd hypnotised. At the end Emil appeared to be out of control and handed his guitar to one of the audience, there was so much going on. They are a brilliant unique band. Please check out their new album S-M #2 if you dare!

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Get Well Soon Antonio Valencia

Antonio Valencia
Antonio Valencia's injury last night in the Champions League at Old Trafford against Rangers was a horrific moment. I am sure that all United fans around the world are sending their best wishes to him and wishing that he makes a full and speedy recovery. Let's hope it's not too long before he is crossing the ball on to Wayne Rooney's head and making the Stretford End roar.

It's moments like this that make you realise not to take anything in life for granted.

Antonio wooahh! Antonio wooahh! He comes from Ecuador! He crosses Rooney scores!

Monday 13 September 2010

Luke Abbott Beats Norwich Arts Centre!

Norwich Arts Centre is a beautiful little venue that on Saturday was reverberating to the electronic beats of Luke Abbott. This was another excellent night put on by Spectro at a place where all genres of music are embraced. Luke Abbott was ably supported by Sky Watchers and UNiX with dance music and video graphics also coming out of the Cafe Bar.

Music made on a computer played live you ask. I say that it effects the brain and emotions as much as any music. For an hour Luke Abbott filled the auditorium with brilliant electronica which did a lot more then make girls dance! I can say that the variation in the soundscape that he created can at moment make you want to full out dance without a care in the world to tracks that puts your head in a space of relaxation. The abstract visuals on the giant backdrop perfectly accompanied the music.

The Stage time for Luke Abbott was 10.45 - 11.45 and at exactly 11.45 he shut his apple mac shut and this was met with universal applause. He warmly appluded the audience back, a nice touch. By the end of the gig I felt like my breath had been taken away!

I recommend that you check out Luke Abbot's album Holkham Drones and be prepared to go on an amazing sonic journey.

Friday 10 September 2010

Norwich Autumn Reflections

Just yesterday the Sun was shining but today it's raining and dull. All the crowds with their brightly coloured clothes outside the Forum are covered up in over coats. Summer is over with normality returning to the streets of Norwich. Where have all the smiling faces gone along with all the balloon and ice cream sellers? Everyone has returned to Work, School or College. No more fun until the weekend when we can all come out to play.

Bright blue skies are replaced with black clouds but we still dream of brightly coloured rainbows over the Cathedral and Pulls Ferry. You can hear the wind blowing down Tombland as people shelter from the pouring rain. Pizza and chips are replaced by sandwiches for lunch. That pint of ale is now a mineral water. Walk down Guildhall Hill with umbrella in hand rushing to avoid the raindrops.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Sun will come out tomorrow. The streets will again be full of happy smiling faces bringing life and colour to Gentleman's Walk. Glasses of cider and ploughman lunches will be back on the menu. We will all be dancing again in Chapelfield Gardens.

Monday 6 September 2010

Takeda let the strings go!

I'm sure everyone who attended the Takeda Hufsa EP launch gig at Norwich Puppet Theatre on Saturday night will say that they had a good time. The support from Ethan Ash, Milly Hirst and Robert Brook were all excellent . The cupcakes were brilliant as well!

Norwich Puppet Theatre is a lovely little venue with a very relaxed atmosphere. Takeda's Hufsa EP launch was greeted with a very warm response. Their sound can sound fragile and understated at times but it always comes across as very emotional. I've listened to their EP several times and it completely relaxes me, that's saying something! The gentle vocals and drumming combined with the ambient droning chords is great music for watching the world go buy.

This is the Hufsa tracklisting: Sweetheart, A Million Years, Reverence, I Know, Flesh and Dusk Raga. It's 37 minutes long and well worth a fiver! Please go out and buy a copy!

Saturday 4 September 2010

Takeda at Norwich Puppet Theatre

The Church of St James Pockthorpe was built in the Twelfth Century. Today it is home to Norwich Puppet Theatre. Tonight Norwich band Takeda will be having a launch party of their debut EP Hufsa at this beautiful unique venue. This release is on Dustbowl Records. Support tonight comes from Adelaide’s Cape, Robert Brook and Milly Hirst. We are promised homemade cupcakes!

Takeda is a Japanese family name. During the Sengoku period in the 16th century the Takeda clan of Kai province had many descendant families. Takeda Lullaby is a popular Japanese cradle song. Today it is the name of this emotionally charged Norwich fusion inspired folk rock trio.

Please make your way along tonight if you can. It will be a night of brilliant inspiring music in a relaxing setting. Norwich Puppet Theatre seems like the perfect setting for Tekeda's EP launch party.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Lower Goat Lane putting on the style

Take a walk down Lower Goat Lane and check out the latest fashions. From Philip Browne at the top of the lane all the way down to Revolutionz. Daisy and Lola's bringing stylish Women's fashions from London's Portobello Road.

An assortment of jeans can be found at the Blue Jean Co but if you want to be alternative and rock n roll try The Rock Collection next door. Get trendy at Elements or at the Bespoke Boutique.

Make yourself beautiful at Kinki Boutique. Maybe have a groovy haircut at Orange no need to rush on a sunny afternoon. Nova Silver and Maddermarket Antiques for your jewellery needs from elegant beads to engagement rings. Have fun at Beau Jangles with all the accessories you will ever need. Cosmetics, bags and belly button rings.

Cherry Cherry is full of everything homemade and crafty. If you need something modern for your apartment make your way to the Perfect Pad. Become photogenic at Capricorn Cameras with a smile across your face. Give to charity at the Salvation Army and Arthritis Research Shops.

Alternative medicines and therapies are available at Neal's Yard Remedies or maybe you just want an orange juice from Finnies Juice Bar. If your feeling hungry you can purchase a pizza at Paolo's Restaurant or traditional lunches at the Copper Kettle. Later make your way to Mambo Jambo for enchiladas and chilli.