Monday 13 September 2010

Luke Abbott Beats Norwich Arts Centre!

Norwich Arts Centre is a beautiful little venue that on Saturday was reverberating to the electronic beats of Luke Abbott. This was another excellent night put on by Spectro at a place where all genres of music are embraced. Luke Abbott was ably supported by Sky Watchers and UNiX with dance music and video graphics also coming out of the Cafe Bar.

Music made on a computer played live you ask. I say that it effects the brain and emotions as much as any music. For an hour Luke Abbott filled the auditorium with brilliant electronica which did a lot more then make girls dance! I can say that the variation in the soundscape that he created can at moment make you want to full out dance without a care in the world to tracks that puts your head in a space of relaxation. The abstract visuals on the giant backdrop perfectly accompanied the music.

The Stage time for Luke Abbott was 10.45 - 11.45 and at exactly 11.45 he shut his apple mac shut and this was met with universal applause. He warmly appluded the audience back, a nice touch. By the end of the gig I felt like my breath had been taken away!

I recommend that you check out Luke Abbot's album Holkham Drones and be prepared to go on an amazing sonic journey.

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