Friday 10 September 2010

Norwich Autumn Reflections

Just yesterday the Sun was shining but today it's raining and dull. All the crowds with their brightly coloured clothes outside the Forum are covered up in over coats. Summer is over with normality returning to the streets of Norwich. Where have all the smiling faces gone along with all the balloon and ice cream sellers? Everyone has returned to Work, School or College. No more fun until the weekend when we can all come out to play.

Bright blue skies are replaced with black clouds but we still dream of brightly coloured rainbows over the Cathedral and Pulls Ferry. You can hear the wind blowing down Tombland as people shelter from the pouring rain. Pizza and chips are replaced by sandwiches for lunch. That pint of ale is now a mineral water. Walk down Guildhall Hill with umbrella in hand rushing to avoid the raindrops.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the Sun will come out tomorrow. The streets will again be full of happy smiling faces bringing life and colour to Gentleman's Walk. Glasses of cider and ploughman lunches will be back on the menu. We will all be dancing again in Chapelfield Gardens.

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