Monday 27 September 2010

Norwich bands take my breath away!

Karen Reilly of The Neutrinos
On Saturday 25th September 2010 it was a night of celebrating Norwich music at Norwich Arts Centre with a triple bill of exciting sonic sounds. The Neutrinos, Sargasso Trio and Girl In A Thunderbolt all gave storming performances which if you allow me to quote Berlin. All the bands take my breath away! Incidentally Berlin is where The Neutrinos have been recording their latest album The Butcher of Common Sense. Another twist on the night was that all the bands did covers of each others songs.

First on stage was Girl In A Thunderbolt who literally caused a big bang on stage! Her sound was soulful and haunting with brilliant guitar playing laced with a pinch of swing. Her music is very varied taking in influences from punk to cabaret. When her set finished I went straight to the merch table and bought a copy of her album Seven Sisters. 

Next on stage were The Sargasso Trio with their salsa sounds full of latin beats. Full of drums and keyboards they brought their eclectic music to life on stage. The crowd were highly entertained for a Saturday night and great fun was had by all. 

Headliners The Neutrinos commanded the stage with their art-punk noise. Their set was full of energy and theatre. They got the quite ones out of the way first then rocked. We had complete darkness and stories from Berlin. Karen Reilly didn't just sing but brought various facial expressions to her performance. The crowd were so in love with The Neutrinos they could have got away with anything.

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