Wednesday 29 September 2010

On The Norwich Music Scene!

Katie Allard of The Kabeedies
Last year Norwich was placed in 15th place on the NME Cool list. There is definitely a healthy and thriving music scene going on in the City full of innovative progressive music. If you think of a Norwich sound you mind turns to Bearsuit, The Neutrinos, The Kabeedies and violet violet all Art Punk female fronted bands. Then there's the indie sounds of These Ghosts, The Olympians complete with their famous trumpet, Kunk, Loyal Few, Great Shakes and The Barlights.

Sennen are one of the top shoegazing bands in the country with three excellent albums behind them. Takeda are new on the scene with their folk music with added ambient droning and loud drums who have just released their debut EP Hufsa. Girl in a Thunderbolt mix of indie, soul and cabaret has got star quality. Her album Seven Sisters that she recorded in Norway is a brilliant slice of soulful indie. Sargasso Trio have added a Latin twist to the scene.

When you have such a beautiful venue as Norwich Arts Centre in your City then playing their regularly is something to inspire too. This year I've seen gigs from Rory McVicar, Great Shakes and Takeda at Norwich Puppet Theatre an amazing place to put an event on. Other venues include Take 5, Olives Cafe, Ten Bells, St Gregory's Centre, The Birdcage, The Marquee, Dragon Hall and B2 proving their is plenty of music beyond UEA and The Waterfront. Keep your eyes and ears open then you will discover many musical delights in this Fine City.

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