Monday 6 September 2010

Takeda let the strings go!

I'm sure everyone who attended the Takeda Hufsa EP launch gig at Norwich Puppet Theatre on Saturday night will say that they had a good time. The support from Ethan Ash, Milly Hirst and Robert Brook were all excellent . The cupcakes were brilliant as well!

Norwich Puppet Theatre is a lovely little venue with a very relaxed atmosphere. Takeda's Hufsa EP launch was greeted with a very warm response. Their sound can sound fragile and understated at times but it always comes across as very emotional. I've listened to their EP several times and it completely relaxes me, that's saying something! The gentle vocals and drumming combined with the ambient droning chords is great music for watching the world go buy.

This is the Hufsa tracklisting: Sweetheart, A Million Years, Reverence, I Know, Flesh and Dusk Raga. It's 37 minutes long and well worth a fiver! Please go out and buy a copy!

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  1. Oh, I love "gentle vocals and drumming combined with the ambient droning chords"