Friday 27 August 2010

Bridewell Alley full of life

Bridewell Alley in Norwich
Historic St.Andrew's Church dominates over Bridewell Alley in splendid perpendicular Gothic style. A place where there is more to life.

The Merchant's House was built by Geoffrey de Salle showing his wealth and status. From Workhouse to Prison onto Tobacco and Shoe Factory. it's a building of many colourful guises. Today it's a museum full of social and industrial history.

If you need a new hair do then make your way to Bridewell Alley. At the Bridewell Barber Shop to something more posh at Pasha Salon. Modern styles available at Natasha Reed and Flint.

All Day Breakfast or cheese and coleslaw jacket potato at Jasper's Cafe or something quick like at City Bites. Geang Pa Gai at Thai Lanna.

Here comes the Bride at La Belle Angele all dressed in white. If you are looking for a Super Hero make a visit to Heroes Fitness Store. Purchase a fine suit at Chadds then have the interview arranged at Cocoa Bean.

Thursday 26 August 2010

Fighter Jets at Tate Britain

The Jet Fighters have been stripped to reveal a mirrored, metallic surface. This is a Jaguar Lying belly-up on the floor its suggests at a submissive animal. It's shines like a polished mirror showing the audience their own reactions.
When you arrive at Tate Britain you are faced with the striking image of a Harrier fighter jet hanging from it's tail-fin. Artist Fiona Banner claims that this is intended to convey the intensity of a bird of prey trapped.

The Walkmen and Noah's Ark!

You are now entering Islington Academy!
After lunch at Camden Lock and a visit to Tate Britain I made my way on the tube to Islington Academy for The Walkmen and Avi Buffalo gig.

Having seen Francis Danby's epic painting The Deluge which portrays God sending a flood to punish mankind’s wickedness and Noah's Ark in the afternoon I was welcomed in Islington by pouring rain!

Avi Buffalo were first on stage with a very emotional set. They were giving us glimpses and sketches of brilliance. To me they sounded like Mercury Rev. It's hard to believe that singer Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg is only nineteen years old.

The venue was crowded for the main event! Hamilton Leithauser is a brilliant charismatic frontman for The Walkmen. Combined with great drumming and guitar playing The Walkmen are awesome live. This is their set list : Blue as Your Blood, In the New Year, Angela Surf City, On the Water, Canadian Girl, All Hands and the Cook, While I Shovel the Snow, Woe Is Me, We've Been Had, Victory, The Rat and Juveniles.

The crowd were then treated to an encore of New Country, Donde Está La Playa and Thinking Of A Dream I Had. The Walkmen are a band that their fans really love and I can certainly say Islington Academy was full of love last night!

Monday 23 August 2010

Relaxing in St Gregory's Alley!

St Gregory's Alley, Norwich Photo by Zilanqing
The Sun is shining and people are busily making their way around the City. In St. Gregory's Alley the atmosphere is more relaxed as everyone is soaking up the atmosphere of a lazy afternoon. Not a worry in the world but purchasing from Ronaldo's ice cream wagon.

Long queues at the Grosvenor Fish Bar for fish n chips while the bar of The Birdcage is serving the finest ales. A busker begin's to sing Blowin' in the Wind while the roofs and green are full of pigeons. At St.Gregory's Church you can stop for a moment to browse at the craft fair. Maybe indulge in a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Young men are getting the latest hair styles at Croppers with a friendly smile. At Goldfinches ladies and gentlemen are browsing and purchasing chic vintage clothes.

Name on the Trophy!

Andy Yourglivch at the Nou Camp, Barcelona 26th May 1999 for the Champions League Final Manchester United v Bayern Munich.

Dragon Hall full of mystery and myth

Adelaide's Cape performing at Dragon Hall
On the banks of the River Wensum in medieval times Robert Toppes built his magnificent trading hall. He displayed all his wares in the great hall surrounded by the mystery and myth of dragons.

Dragon Hall was a hive of activity with tapestries and tables laden with trading goods from near and far. Worsted Cloth exported from Norwich to the Low Countries bringing wealth to a fine city.

As we listen to Adelaide's Cape perform the sounds of Last Sleep in Albion our imaginations take us back many centuries to the time of the Guild of St. George.

Saturday 21 August 2010

Not Arrogant Just Better!

Arsene Wenger said the following about Paul Scholes: “I’m sorry, for me he was not a fair player. There’s a little bit of a darker side in him, sometimes, that I did not like. I respect him highly as a quality player but I did not like some things he did on the football pitch and I have the right to say that. It’s not because you are older suddenly that you are a saint. The regret I have personally is he was not always the fairest player.”

To me this is another case of jealousy for United's history and success. Under Wenger Arsenal have not won a trophy for five seasons. Long may he remain Manager at The Emirates with a success rate like that. This is the man who said that Darren Fletcher played Anti Football!

We all loved it in 1988 when United cane from two goals down to draw 3-3 with Liverpool at Anfield when Gordon Strachan smoked an imaginary cigar in front of The Kop. It was the time when Norman Whiteside and Bryan Robson put the fear of God into Liverpool!

In 1996 Kevin Keegan lost it in a post match interview with: "I'll tell ya honestly, I will love it if we beat them, love it!" More recently Rafa Benitez said that Sir Alex should arrange all Premier League fixtures from his office in future. The only fact I'm interested in is that United won the League that season!

At United we do our talking on the pitch. We are not arrogant just better!

Thursday 19 August 2010

A girl walks across St George's Street Bridge

Andy Yourglivch outside Norwich Playhouse
A girl walks across St. George's Street Bridge surrounded by art and culture. From Cinema City where you can witness the latest movies down to the Norwich Playhouse for some theatre and banter. In the bar a band is playing a sad song on an acoustic guitar. In the garden everyone's chatting and drinking next to the river.

At the School of Art the students are displaying their latest works full of colour and splendour. People are eating lunch at St. Andrew's Hall surrounded by beautiful glass stained windows. In the hall an organ is playing to take away the strains of the day.

The girl turns around and smiles before entering the Dog House Bar to meet a friend and enjoy a home made mixed pepper quiche. The bar is full of real ale straight from the keg attracting crowds from near and far.

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Sonic Youth - EVOL

From the Eighties to the present day Sonic Youth have been making an Expressway To Yr Skull!

EVOL was when Sonic Youth went from black and white to colour! This is the album where the feedback is adding to the lyrics. With Steve Shelley on drums it added another dimension! Expressway To Yr Skull is just amazing! I recommend you go and listen to EVOL straight away!

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Keeping the Indie Spirit alive!

Go back to 1976 or year zero and the birth of punk. The Ramones sang on Blitzkrieg Bop Hey! Ho! Let's go! The rest is history. Think of Television, Blondie, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Talking Heads and The Dead Boys all causing a storm in New York. In the UK it was The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Buzzcocks and The Stranglers. It was a let there be light moment in music history.

After the initial wave of bands post punk moved things on with Joy Division, Wire, Magazine, Gang of Four and Public Image Ltd among others. Today this has led us to Indie. This is more about the spirit of the music then which label you are on. To be truly indie be on the indie label and have the spirit as well! Don't worry about how many records you are going to sell. Be experimental and progressive.

In the Eighties Blag Flag and Fugazi carried on the punk spirit while in the UK The Smiths left a legacy of music which has been influencing bands for the last 25 years. In the mid eighties Husker Du emerged from Minneapolis-Saint Paul while in Boston Pixies rocked out with a dose of melody. In New York Sonic Youth were the leading lights in the No Wave scene.

In 1989 The Stone Roses released their eponymously titled debut album and Manchester ruled the world! on the other side of the Atlantic Nirvana invented grunge and became hugh on the release of Nevermind. Now the underground was infiltrating the mainstream!

The Nineties brought us Pavement, Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips while in the UK there were the britpop wars between Oasis and Blur! The new century began with The Strokes and The White Stripes ruling. The Strokes have become a classic garage rock band while The White Stripes blues rock brought something new to the world of indie music. Today we have Arcade Fire and the Arctic Monkeys among others keeping the indie spirit alive! If you are a musician or a fan be yourself. Make and listen to the music you love!

Saturday 14 August 2010

In an Alternative Rock mood!

What shall I listen too? Let's see what mood I'm in, well I always seem to be in a Sonic Youth mood! Daydream Nation is always perfect to listen too everyday. Teen Age Riot, Eric's Trip and Silver Rocket are classic Sonic Youth tracks. Then I could listen to Ciccone Youth and get Into the Groove(y)! I love listening to music where the artist is trying to do something different. You could say thinking out of the box.

Pixies are just such an amazing band. Debaser could be the National Anthem of Alternative Rock! Wanna grow up to be, be a debaser, debaser! Everyone should be made to listen too Doolittle in school!

Nirvana took the baton on from the Pixies and when Nevermind was released Alternative Rock took over the mainstream. Smells Like Teen Spirit is Grudge talking to the World! With the lights out,  it's less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us.

My favourite bands from the Nineties has to be Pavement. When I first listened to Slanted and Enchanted I totally fell in love with the band! It's an album with a mixture of DIY ethics and melody. Summer Babe is a classic song and I always have to jump up when Two States is playing.

Arcade Fire's Funeral has to be the best album of this Century. Rebellion (Lies) is a soundtrack to the alternative where the band take the song and twist it into their own unique sound. You never trust a millionaire quoting the Sermon on the Mount but you can trust Win Butler.

Maybe today I'll listen to Husker Du! New Day Rising, New Day Rising, New Day Rising!

Thursday 12 August 2010

It's never dull on St Benedict's Street!

On St Benedict's Street you can drink and be merry at the Ten Bells. Wander down the street to Rumbling Tum for something to eat. Go to Soundclash for the latest cool tunes then cross the road to the Arts Centre and see the band live.

The Bicycle Shop is not what it seems. Drink wine as you remember when it was a bicycle shop with vintage cycling posters and bike-wheel lampshades decorating the walls.

Amaze your friends by hiring fancy dress from Top Hat. You can be a cowboy or an indian. Boats n Bits will help you get on the water.

If you are from Denton, Texas you will be amazed you might even see Roscoe walking along the street. It's a special place to celebrate with lots of character. It's never dull on St Benedict's Street. It's full of charm and variety.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Come on United make it 19 times!

Come on United make it 19 times! We can finally shut everyone up at Anfield by winning the League and going one better then Liverpool. I have no doubts that we are capable of doing it. We will face strong challenges but I ask everyone to keep believing.

Everyone knows that when Wayne Rooney puts on the red shirt of United he is transformed. Chicharito will bring a new dimension up front and a new lean mean Dimitar Berbatov can finally prove his worth to the team. Michael Owen can provide an important cameo roll and Federico Macheda will want to shine when he is given a chance.

Nani and Antonio Valencia now have the chance to have big season's at United. Ji-Sung Park will again prove to be a valuable member of the squad. I expect another big season from Darren Fletcher while Anderson and Michael Carrick will have points to prove. Sir Alex will play Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs when needed. Both will have major influences during the season.

In Edwin van der Sar and Tomasz Kuszczak we have a couple of reliable goalkeepers. One of the big items of news during the Summer was that Nemanja Vidic was staying at United. Let's hope Rio Ferdinand returns to full fitness soon but with Jonny Evans, Wes Brown, John O'Shea and not forgetting new signing Chris Smalling there are plenty of options in the centre of defence. I expect Rafael to feature more this season but Gary Neville will still have a lot to say! Fabio will be raring to go while Patrice Evra will have another big impact on United's season.

We are United. Not arrogant, just better. I really believe 19 times will become a reality this season. Remember this word during the season. BELIEVE!

Saturday 7 August 2010

Chicharito you and I know you'll be scoring goals!

Chicharito you and I know you'll be scoring goals in front of the Stretford End and running past Premier League defenders with ease!

Let's hope Sir Alex goes for it in style with Wayne Rooney and new Mexican signing Javier Hernandez up front next season especially at Old Trafford. I think all United fans are getting excited about Chicharito. He is two footed and very quick. He is going to be like a breath of fresh air!

Chicharito means little pea in reference to his father Javier Hernandez Gutierrez a former player who was nicknamed Chicharo meaning pea because of his green eyes. I don't expect anything little from him next season. Chicharito is going to make a big splash in the Premier League pond!

Thursday 5 August 2010

Norwich Arts Centre's Musical Delights!

As I look across St Benedict's Street beyond the wrought iron railings a girl smiles as a cat runs across the grass. The crowds begin to gather anticipating a night of musical delights.

I cross the road with ticket in hand making my way along the path to enter the cultural world of Norwich Arts Centre. With my hand stamped I check the board with all the band times and plan my evening well.

Everyone is chatting and having fun. Then the bell rings out and we all make our way down the steps to the stage. The band appears and begins to play. The sound of drums and feedback on guitars. Electronic keyboards and the singer's vocals. We all applaud after every song.

At the end we all ask for more and the band returns for an encore. The lights come on to signal the end. It's time to go home but we all know that it will not be long before we will return again.

Monday 2 August 2010

Waterloo Park full of cool music!

Sunday 1st August was Wombat Wombat's Waterloo Park Walkabout 8. With black clouds in the sky it was looking very likely that the event would have to be moved to The Playhouse but luckily the rain stayed away and we were all provided with a great afternoon of cool music!

Hellhound Oconnor and the Winkles opened the day with their Norfolk Country Blues. Glory Glory turned the volume up before Black Vox from Chester brought their The Kills influenced sound to the stage!

Black Vox live in Waterloo Park Photo by Roger Blackwell
Olympians made everyone run faster with their post rock pop plus trumpet! On a day trip from London Blue On Blue highlighted their psychedelicate noise pop.

These Ghosts with their You Are Not Lost, You Are Here album to promote brought a lively response with their dynamic and ambient indie rock.

KunK finished the day off when they turned the volume up to eleven! Overall it was a fun afternoon with Sophie Little compering and the Wombat Wombat comedy bicycle. Donate or ride the bike!

Memories of Field Day 2010

Field Day means another visit to Victoria Park in East London. Thankfully this year it didn't include getting soaked in the pouring rain!

I made my way to to the Adventures In The Beetroot Field tent to see Cate Le Bon at 12.20 and wasn't disappointed! She seems very influenced by Nico. I then moved on to the Bugged Out tent to see The Golden Filter with their electronic dance beats! Next were Erland and the Carnival on the Eat Your Own Ears stage.

After catching some of Flower-Corsano Duo it was back to the Bugged Out tent for a great performance from Memory Tapes. Steve Mason came and went then onto the fun of Egyptian Hip Hop!

The Adventures in the beetroot Field was jumping for These New Puritans. I then rushed over to the Eat Your Own Ears stage for The Fall. It was brilliant to see Mark E Smith! Loads of fun was had by all in the Village Mentality tent with Gruff Rhys and Tony da Gatorra!

I caught the end of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble who brought the crowd to life at the Eat Your Own Ears stage. Next on stage were the chilled out sounds of Caribou before I rushed across to the Village Mentality tent for the fun of Silver Apples! I caught the first few songs of Phoenix but for me the real headliners were Mouse on Mars who provided a brilliant electronic end to my Field Day!