Thursday 5 August 2010

Norwich Arts Centre's Musical Delights!

As I look across St Benedict's Street beyond the wrought iron railings a girl smiles as a cat runs across the grass. The crowds begin to gather anticipating a night of musical delights.

I cross the road with ticket in hand making my way along the path to enter the cultural world of Norwich Arts Centre. With my hand stamped I check the board with all the band times and plan my evening well.

Everyone is chatting and having fun. Then the bell rings out and we all make our way down the steps to the stage. The band appears and begins to play. The sound of drums and feedback on guitars. Electronic keyboards and the singer's vocals. We all applaud after every song.

At the end we all ask for more and the band returns for an encore. The lights come on to signal the end. It's time to go home but we all know that it will not be long before we will return again.

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