Monday 2 August 2010

Waterloo Park full of cool music!

Sunday 1st August was Wombat Wombat's Waterloo Park Walkabout 8. With black clouds in the sky it was looking very likely that the event would have to be moved to The Playhouse but luckily the rain stayed away and we were all provided with a great afternoon of cool music!

Hellhound Oconnor and the Winkles opened the day with their Norfolk Country Blues. Glory Glory turned the volume up before Black Vox from Chester brought their The Kills influenced sound to the stage!

Black Vox live in Waterloo Park Photo by Roger Blackwell
Olympians made everyone run faster with their post rock pop plus trumpet! On a day trip from London Blue On Blue highlighted their psychedelicate noise pop.

These Ghosts with their You Are Not Lost, You Are Here album to promote brought a lively response with their dynamic and ambient indie rock.

KunK finished the day off when they turned the volume up to eleven! Overall it was a fun afternoon with Sophie Little compering and the Wombat Wombat comedy bicycle. Donate or ride the bike!


  1. Oh, I wish I'd gone now. I was going to go but it looked up at the big black cloud in the sky so I stayed at home. Was it very busy this year?

  2. It didn't look good with the big black cloud but the rain stayed away and there was quite a good crowd. There was a nice vibe and some cool music. You will have to make up for it by attending next year!