Thursday 19 August 2010

A girl walks across St George's Street Bridge

Andy Yourglivch outside Norwich Playhouse
A girl walks across St. George's Street Bridge surrounded by art and culture. From Cinema City where you can witness the latest movies down to the Norwich Playhouse for some theatre and banter. In the bar a band is playing a sad song on an acoustic guitar. In the garden everyone's chatting and drinking next to the river.

At the School of Art the students are displaying their latest works full of colour and splendour. People are eating lunch at St. Andrew's Hall surrounded by beautiful glass stained windows. In the hall an organ is playing to take away the strains of the day.

The girl turns around and smiles before entering the Dog House Bar to meet a friend and enjoy a home made mixed pepper quiche. The bar is full of real ale straight from the keg attracting crowds from near and far.

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