Thursday 26 August 2010

The Walkmen and Noah's Ark!

You are now entering Islington Academy!
After lunch at Camden Lock and a visit to Tate Britain I made my way on the tube to Islington Academy for The Walkmen and Avi Buffalo gig.

Having seen Francis Danby's epic painting The Deluge which portrays God sending a flood to punish mankind’s wickedness and Noah's Ark in the afternoon I was welcomed in Islington by pouring rain!

Avi Buffalo were first on stage with a very emotional set. They were giving us glimpses and sketches of brilliance. To me they sounded like Mercury Rev. It's hard to believe that singer Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg is only nineteen years old.

The venue was crowded for the main event! Hamilton Leithauser is a brilliant charismatic frontman for The Walkmen. Combined with great drumming and guitar playing The Walkmen are awesome live. This is their set list : Blue as Your Blood, In the New Year, Angela Surf City, On the Water, Canadian Girl, All Hands and the Cook, While I Shovel the Snow, Woe Is Me, We've Been Had, Victory, The Rat and Juveniles.

The crowd were then treated to an encore of New Country, Donde Está La Playa and Thinking Of A Dream I Had. The Walkmen are a band that their fans really love and I can certainly say Islington Academy was full of love last night!

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