Friday 17 September 2010

Serena Maneesh bring the noise!

Serena Maneesh
It's a special treat when bands like Serena Maneesh play at Norwich Arts Centre. I can state the obvious of My Bloody Valentine but there is so much to their sound as well. My ears are still trying to recover from last night. In fact they feel like a cat in a washing machine! As the band stated on stage, some days are just like that. They are absolute Legends!

Emil Nikolaisen is the King of Norway as far as music is concerned. He is a brilliant showman and amazing on stage. Epic walls of sound building up creating almost a nervous tension then the next moment is filled with beautiful melody. This creates an interesting contrast in sounds and mood. At times it seems that the band are completely out of control then the next they have come back from the edge.

Loud guitars filled with pop sensibilities almost had the crowd hypnotised. At the end Emil appeared to be out of control and handed his guitar to one of the audience, there was so much going on. They are a brilliant unique band. Please check out their new album S-M #2 if you dare!

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