Friday 1 July 2011

Arcade Fire wake up Hyde Park!

Arcade Fire turn  Hyde Park into Neon Bible Country
Arcade Fire came to Hyde Park, London on Thursday to claim it for Canada which they did in a triumphant manner with Win Butler preaching from the Neon Bible. Support on the day came from Mumford & Sons, Beirut, Vaccines and Owen Pallett.

I made my way to Hyde Park looking forward to seeing Arcade Fire for the fourth time. The highlight of the support was Beirut with their trumpet laden Eastern European and Balkan Folk that thrilled and delighted the large crowd. Zach Condon looked like he was enjoying himself and having fun.

Arcade Fire opened their set with Ready To Start and never looked back. They put so much energy into their live performances with all seven members contributing to a brilliant show. My own personal highlight was Rebellion (Lies) from their debut album Funeral. This was the first live outing of Speaking in Tongues with Win Butler telling the crowd: "'That was the least time we've been scared doing a song we've only really played in rehearsal to 60,000 people, so thank you so much!"

By the time Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) was echoing around Hyde Park we were all dancing with joy. This was a night when Arcade Fire were able to claim the title of best band in the world when Hyde Park was turned green with No Cars Go. Win Butler wants to hire the person who put the lantern into the sky over the stage at the end of the gig. A poetic finish to an epic night.

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  1. Hey Andy Love your review of the concert....I am one of the poeple who set fire to the lantern that night....Can you tell me more about Win Butler wanting to hire!!!! :-) Cant believe it! Did he give us a shout out that night? Thanks!