Saturday 7 April 2012

Piano fun at Norwich Assembly House!

On Friday 30th March 2012 I attended the UEA School of Music concert at Norwich Assembly House in their Music at One series featuring Simon Ireson on piano. The programme for this lunchtime concert was Cantata Die Seele Ruht in Jesu Handen - Bach arr Bauer, Kreisieriana - Schumann and Rondo Capriccioso Op.14 - Mendelssohn.

This was a very interesting programme for a Friday lunchtime in the Music Room which delighted the audience. I particularly enjoyed the Schumann's Kreisleriana. He write the following in a letter to his future bride, Clara Wieck about this piece. " How full of music I am now, and always such lovely melodies! Only fancy, since my last letter I have finished another whole book of new things. You and one of your ideas are the principal subject, and I shall call them " Kreisleriana," and dedicate them to you ; yes, to you, and to nobody else; and you will smile so sweetly when you see yourself in them."

We were then treated to a bonus concert from Will Ferguson playing a programme of Liszt who once played at Norwich Assembly House and slept where the bar is situated at the present day. Complete in sunglasses and grey suit Will Ferguson to an exciting and fun performance. This was definitely one lunchtime well spent.

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