Friday 14 February 2014

Wooden Arms and Heart of a Dog at Norwich Arts Centre

On the evening of Thursday 13th February 2014 I attended the Wooden Arms and Heart of a Dog double headline gig at Norwich Arts Centre with support from Cove Hithe. This was a gig full of local bands at a great venue.

Wooden Arms are a Norwich-based contemporary band featuring Jess Diggins on Violin, Fynn Titford-Mock on Cello, Alex Carson on Piano, Jeff Smith on Guitar and Milly Hirst and Lydia Walker on Vocals. With 6-part vocal harmonies and a distinctive yet delicate blend of classical instrumentation meets modern melody, Wooden Arms have released their debut, self-titled EP with independent record label Bare Feet Records in the summer of 2013. They are currently working on a new single Tide.

Heart of a Dog were born in the West Midlands then exiled to East Anglia. A lapsed duo of Leonard Samuel and Jonathan Allen , now joined by a interchangeable line-up of guest musicians and silent partners. They create an often tangible soundscape, characterised by a potent fusion of percussive, compelling rhythms that nurture tender melodies. Thoughtfully unaffected lyrics and rich harmonies yield a sound that manages to be both soulful and distinctively authentic.

Local band Cove Hithe is a trio of Jason Ducker on guitar/piano, Matilda Pendered on violin and Astrid Calloman on percussions. They gave us a set full of classical and folk which was a great opening before the headline acts took to the stage. Heart of a Dog with their rocky folk and the more classical sounds of Wooden Arms played fantastic sets full of amazing music which made for a great night out at Norwich Arts Centre.

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