Sunday, 6 February 2011

I Like Trains bringing gloom and darkness!

I Like Trains bringing dark gloom to
Norwich Arts Centre
Norwich Arts Centre was put under a spell of darkness last night as I Like Trains brought their black brand of Indie to this Fine City. The support was provided by Napoleon IIIrd and Collider.

There was no surprises that Collider were gloomy and dark. Watch out for snakes with wings. A dark warning from Collider! As well as songs about ghosts they told a joke about Huddersfield to prove they have a lighter side. They finished their set with loads of Post Rock guitars.

Napoleon IIIrd were digging deep on drums and keyboards. They wanted us to dance to their experimental dance with a Post Punk edge. Dance with the dark vocals and Napoleon IIIrd will carry on marching.

I Like Trains made an dramatic entrance as they took us into the tunnel and looked us straight in the eye. The truth is out there somewhere. Gloom merchants of the highest order, I Like Trains took us to a very dark place with lyrics full of black and the serious side of life. In return Norwich gave them an afternoon at Jarrold Department Store and The Mustard Shop.

The pleasure of dying at your feet is all mine. You say that you see right through me. You stare into my soul and my lung collapses. I Like Trains can turn on the dramatic mixed with loud guitars. They are geeks from the darkside.

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