Sunday 13 February 2011

Imelda May takes us back to the Fifties!

Imelda May was at Norwich UEA on Wednesday night supported by Big Boy Bloater as we were transported back to the Fifties.

Big Boy Bloater was giving it all he's got. In no time he will turn into a wolf. It was brilliant when he got his mojo working. Oh yeah it's all gone Music Hall at the UEA!

Imelda May caused total mayhem when she took to the stage. Looking stunning in her red and black polka dot dress she took us on a Rock n Roll journey mixed with rockabilly, country and blues.

Johnny got a boom boom yes indeed. Imelda May shows that she is Dublin's finest as well as a true star with a ninety minute set that completely enchanted the whole audience.

She is so enthusiastic about her music with an amazing knowledge of it's history and influence. She put her own style all over Tainted Love. It's lots of fun with Imelda May, definitely a night to remember.

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