Monday 21 March 2011

Shakespeare delights at the Maddermarket Theatre

Double Falsehood bringing Andalucia, Spain
1612 to the Maddermarket Theatre
On Friday night I was at the Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich for Double Falsehood or The Distressed Lovers by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher. This play was included in the Arden Shakespeare in 2010 and scholars now believe it is based on The History of Cardenio a lost collaboration between Shakespeare and John Fletcher.

The Maddermarket Theatre is a beautiful place to visit and I very much enjoyed my evening. The play is set in Andalicia, Spain in 1612 telling the story of two brothers Roderick and Henriquez who falls for two women. Violante and Leonora who is engaged to Julio.

It was a fine and fitting performance from the Norwich Players who has staged all of Shakespeare's plays. I particularly loved the scenery for the acts in the mountains. Great acting and brilliant Elizabethan costume.

Norwich should be proud of the Maddermarket Theatre and all the fine productions staged at this wonderful building full of history and character.

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