Monday 10 October 2011

Atongo Zimba bringing the Afrobeat!

On Thursday 6th October 2011 I made my way to Norwich Arts Centre for the Atongo Zimba gig. The World Music star from Ghana complete with his band brought us an evening of Afrobeat which had everyone at the St. Benedict's Street venue dancing and smiling throughout the night.

Atongo Zimba was taught to play the koliko or molo a two stringed calabash lute by his Grandfather at an early age in the savannahs of Northern Ghana. His family are cowherders and he would compose his own songs while minding the family's herd.

A wonderful night was had by all as Atongo Zimba made it his mission for the evening to make us all happy. His latest album is Sankuune the name of a dance which has him returning to his acoustic roots.

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