Sunday 6 November 2011

Dancing at Norwich Playhouse

On Friday night I attended an evening of intriguing, amusing and beautiful dance presented by Norfolk Dance at Norwich Playhouse. There were three works performed that were created by artists based in the region with whom Norfolk Dance has strong links.

Palimpsest explores the body as an instrument to be written on leaving a code to be deciphered. 30 Cecil Street is based on The Limerick Athenaeum that closed to the public 13 years ago and now lies empty and closed. Chairs is where a couple are preparing for visitors uncertain of who will join them.

A night to admire and appreciate the works and dancing on show at this delightful Norwich venue which made us think as well as putting smiles on our faces. Let's dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Let's dance to the song they're playin' on the radio.

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