Friday 4 November 2011

Music for All Souls at UEA Chaplaincy

On Thursday evening I caught the number 27 bus on Castle Meadow and after a journey around the houses I made it to the UEA Chaplaincy in time for the UEA Chamber Choir's Music for All Souls concert. With the UEA School of Music being threatened with closure this is a time to show your support and attend events like these.

The programme for the evening was Officium Defunctorum (Requiem) in six parts - Victoria, Usquequo Domine - Guerrero and Versa est in Luctum (funeral motet for Philip II of Spain) - Lobo. A wonderful selection of music from the Renaissance period.

This event was a live event not a recording and proved that music is a miracle. Please save the UEA School of Music. The singing throughout the concert was of the highest quality in the splendid setting of the UEA Chaplaincy and with the added bonus of being given the history and background of the music between pieces. Please show your support and attend future events as well as signing the petition to save the UEA School of Music.

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