Thursday 14 February 2013

Kris Thomsett Organ Recital at Norwich Cathedral

On Thursday 14th February 2013 I attended the Big Screen Lunchtime Organ Recital at Norwich Cathedral which featured the Cathedral's Organ Scholar Kris Thomsett performing a varied programme of organ classics. Once again there was a large audience in attendance to enjoy the wonderful and beautiful music being performed.

The programme consisted of Prelude and Fugue in C BWV 545 - Bach, Touch her lips and part (from Henry V) - Walton, Meditation - Durufle, Chaconne in E minor BuxWV 160 - Buxtehude, Adagio from Symphonie III Op 28 - Vierne, Marche des Rois Mages - Dubois and Final from Symphonie I Op 14 - Vierne.

There were a lot of tranquil pieces in today's programme which made for a relaxing time at Norwich Cathedral. This is especially welcome during a lunchtime break from work. Kris Thomsett once again put on a great performance which was very well appreciated by the enthusiastic audience.

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