Friday 22 February 2013

Yamato Drummers at Norwich Theatre Royal

On Sunday 17th February 2013 I attended the Yamato Drummers of Japan performance at Norwich Theatre Royal. These master performers take the ancient art of taiko drumming and bring it bang up to date.

Yamato's nine performers display their breathtaking expertise on over 20 drums, varying from huge barrel-like Odaikos to hand-held instruments. Combined with exquisite bronze cymbals, vocals and bamboo flutes, Yamato create a kaleidoscope of awe-inspiring sound.

Taiko drumming is a physical, as well as musical spectacle where the drums can measure up to six feet across, requiring powerful stamina to play. The Yamato Drummers put on powerful performance at Norwich Theatre Royal which thrilled the large audience. There were moments of comedy as they interacted with the crowd who responded with great enthusiasm. It was definitely a loud evening as we enjoyed the expertise and athleticism of the nine performers as well as the amazing musical sounds they produced.

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