Monday 17 January 2011

Cakes and Ale with added fun!

Cakes and Ale take us through the wind
and the rain to a night of fun!
There was another night of fun at Norwich Arts Centre last Friday as we were highly entertained by Cakes and Ale, Teknikov, Spidermilk and Sam James Hill. I walked into the cafe bar and Master Solo was dressed like Errol Flynn. It was that kind of night!

Sam James Hill went all Godspeed on us all. Country Lanes with a full band taking us on an amazing journey with his operatic soundscapes that thrilled us all.

It was then up to Spidermilk to fill the auditorium with their epic sound that has the ability to leave you on the edge and lift you at the same time. Post Rock that will live in your head forever.

Think of Teknikov and their Fall like sounds and you realise that they are more then entertainment. They are a fall out assault on the senses. They finished their set with lots of drums. I mean lots and lots!

It was then left to Cakes and Ale to finish the night off in style. They didn't disappoint as they took us through the wind and the rain to a night of fun! The folk collective from Norwich as always hit the right spot again putting everyone in a happy mood just as Friday nights should all be about.

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