Tuesday 25 January 2011

Holy State rocking it large!

Holy State rocking it large
at Norwich Arts Centre
On Saturday night at Norwich Arts Centre we were all entertained to a full on rock show from Holy State, Men and This Business Is Closed. Holy stew was on sale to celebrate the evening as everything was turned up to eleven.

This Business Is Closed opened the evening but soon Arnie had thrown a javelin through their hearts. They took us to a place where only dinosaurs dare to go. It may have been rad but not as we know it!

Next on stage were Men who's drummer seemed to be making all the noise. Maybe he should be on Channel 5 on a Thursday night. When the talking stopped they played some music. They were on go in short bursts!

When Holy State hit the mainstage it was like all their energy and power would lift the roof off the Arts Centre. They made a punk rock statement as they messed with our minds and made our ears bleed. They put on a brilliant performance as they rocked it large!

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