Monday 31 January 2011

Smoke Fairies talking to ghosts!

Smoke Fairies talking to ghosts
at Norwich Arts Centre
On Saturday night it was turn of the Smoke Fairies and Sea of Bees to entertain us at Norwich Arts Centre. I arrived at the venue about eight and there was already a large crowd gathering who were all highly anticipating tonight's gig.

Sea of Bees brought their songs for ravens to this historic little venue which is full of history. Their performance which was full of weird and beautiful folk was very well received. They used to drink tea and coffee but it's cider and whisky since they arrived in the UK!

Full of rosy cheeks, they brought the forest to life full of all their friends. They sing of lost love from Canada and dream of English accents. Sea of Bees want to take us all home in their pockets!

Smoke Fairies took to the stage in a cloud of smoke with a full band to compliment their dark haunting folk which was full of power and passion. As well as living with ghosts they were talking to ghosts at Norwich Arts Centre where their are a number of bodies buried in the auditorium. Gastown which they recorded with Jack White was one of the highlights of their set.

Full of stories from Kansas to a wreaking ball the Smoke Fairies can hear the trees talk from their hotel room! Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies from Chichester mix English Folk music with a twist of dark Americana that creates a stunning effect that is both intoxicating and beautiful. I recommend you all go out and listen to their debut album Through Low Light And Trees to experience the full effect of the Smoke Fairies.

We all had another fantastic night at Norwich Arts Centre thanks to these two bands. If you can please get down to this beautiful little venue and give it your support and ensure that it continues to put on brilliant gigs well into the future.

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