Saturday 4 June 2011

The healing powers of the Herb Garden

Norwich Cathedral Herb Garden looking
splendid in the Summer sunshine
From classical Latin texts we are blessed from the knowledge they gave monks of physiology and botany that lead to the wonderful Herb Garden at Norwich Cathedral. Keep your eyes open as you walk down Cathedral Close and experience this place of great beauty.

From the culinary delights of sage to ground ivy for brewing and as a diuretic. The antiseptic qualities of lavender to reducing fever with feverfew. This is truly a place to feel at peace. In the grounds of Emmaus House take time to sit in the garden and relax.

From the history of the Infirmary Garden of the Benedictine Monastery to the present day the healing powers of this physic garden can be felt. Set out as a knot garden for the pleasure of all, the Herb Garden at Norwich Cathedral is a place for reflection and delight.

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