Saturday 30 March 2013

See the Music, Hear the Dance!

On the evening of Wednesday 13th March 2013 I attended the Richard Alston Dance Company performance at Norwich Theatre Royal. The meeting of movement and music remains Richard Alston's unswerving inspiration. See the music, hear the dance.

The programme consisted of Buzzing Round the Hunisuccle, Shimmer and The Devil in the Detail with pianist Jason Ridgway. The Richard Alston Dance Company has grown into the UK's most avidly followed contemporary dance company.

Inspired by the music of Jo Kondo, Buzzing Round the Hunnisuccle puts your mind into the stillness of a Japanese minimal garden with the hunnisuccle being a cool oasis of calm. An Elder's Hocket is full of brass sonorities hovering around the quietest of piano chords.

Shimmer was danced to Maurice Ravel's Sonatine and music from Miroirs. The dancers were wearing jewel-encrusted cobweb costumes giving a wonderful sense of theatre. The music of Ravel moves from beautiful to strange giving an contrasting atmosphere to the piece.

The final piece was The Devil in the Detail which was inspired by the music of Scott Joplin, the King of Ragtime. Music like the Maple Leaf Rag and The Entertainer are always uplifting and a pleasure to listen too. The dances were full of stylish swagger with pianist Jason Ridgway playing live onstage.

The was an inspiring night at Norwich Theatre as we were treated to some amazing dancing complimented with great music. The Company gave it's unique combination of the innovative and the entertaining from it's Artistic Director, Richard Alston.

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