Monday 30 September 2013

King Henry's Band at Cromer Parish Church

On the evening of Saturday 14th September 2013 I attended the King Henry's Band concert at Cromer Parish Church which featured Robert FitzGerald and his absent friends playing in aid of the Cromer Bell Project. King Henry's Band is a Medieval One Man Band which uses a multi-layered backing ensemble of many early instruments, each played and painstakingly pre-recorded by Mr FitzGerald. He then accompanies, live, on anything up to 15 instruments during a performance.

We were treated to some delicious melodies from Tielman Susato's Danserye of 1551 and then the music of some 16th Century songs in the latest Paris fashion including Je ne scaroys chanter a French song by the Flemish musician Adriaen Willaert. Before the interval there were some medieval pieces, introducing more strange instruments.

Act Two began with some Elizabethan and slightly later period favourites including The Frog Galliarde and Dances from Terpsichore. King Henry's Band returned to Medieval times playing Ductia 14 a catchy 13th Century French piece featuring the rauschpfeife with kortholt and srtring drum. The evening concluded with a cheerful 16th Century pot pourri finishing with The Moor's Dance.

This was a wonderful event at Cromer Parish Church which raised funds for the Cromer Bell Project and was greatly enjoyed by the enthusiastic audience in attendance on the North Norfolk coast. King Henry's Band put on a fantastic performance which was fun and delightful.

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