Saturday 4 December 2010

Cakes and Ale with added smiles!

Music House at Wensum Lodge
Jurnet's Bar at Wensum Lodge hosts Music House every Friday night bringing a mix of exciting and inventive music to this King Street venue in Norwich. Please come along sometime for a great night's entertainment in this 12th Century cellar bar. 

Last night it was the turn of Cakes and Ale, Takeda, Feral Mouth and Frost and Mudd to provide the entertainment. A large crowd made it through the difficult weather conditions to provide a great atmosphere.

Josh from Takeda did a solo set to start the night off in style. It was then the turn of Frost and Mudd to take up the baton and with style. They put us in a state of emergency with cello and acoustic guitar complete with haunting Americana lyrics.

Feral Mouth were next to take to the stage bringing southern fried tunes with humour and wit. It was then up to Takeda to take us to a darker place. The dark cellar is the perfect place to see Takeda where the dark droning atmosphere of their lyrics complete with a constant drum beat feels very much at home.

Headliners Cakes and Ale created a very uplifting atmosphere which put a smile on everyone's face as they tried to play every instrument apart from the kitchen sink. Their folk music is so lively. It's like it's just been made up on the spot. They are an amazing collective of talented musicians who are brilliant live.

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