Monday 6 December 2010

Jenny and Johnny having fun!

Jenny and Johnny are having fun now!  
I was back at Norwich Arts Centre in the evening for the main event. Jenny and Johnny with support from La Sera. In the afternoon I stood on the main stage during Clutter City and dreamed of Jenny Lewis being on the stage. Now my dream was coming true!

Back in 2005 I saw Jenny Lewis with her band Rilo Kiley at Norwich Arts Centre. She was back this time as Jenny and Johnny. I'm Having Fun Now is an excellent album from the romantically involved couple and well worth a listen.

La Sera fronted by Katy Goodman brought their scuzzy dream pop with added thrills that warmed  us nearly as much as the veggie chilli did in the afternoon! Sunny vibes from Los Angeles to warm all our hearts.

As soon as Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice hit the stage everyone in the auditorium were transfixed by their performance. As Johnny said they are from somewhere else. Merging voices and exchanging lines it's like they are having banter with each other just like a married couple putting their relationship on stage and record. They seem to be having lots of fun.

Living your life in the gray is the new American way, we're spending what we haven't made. It's going to hit you with a Big Wave! You've been sniffing up that mercury from a broken thermometer like a cloud gatherer, just like Zeus! You used to dine out on a dollar with a switchblade in your coat. You had your young mind in the gutter. You had your feet on the ground!

Big Wave, Just Like Zeus and Switchblade just three examples of brilliant lyrics from Jenny and Johnny. One of the highlights of the show was Jenny Lewis singing Acid Tongue that was awe inspiring. Before singing Switchblade Johnny wanted us to explain about all the dead bodies at Norwich Arts Centre if we didn't think Norwich was a stabby place. Jenny said that the previous night in Leeds they had been in a stabby place.

During the encore a girl from California joined them on stage from the audience. It's always Americans who put their hands up and volunteer. This was definitely one of my favourite gigs of the year. Jenny and Johnny are brilliant live. Show your teeth to everyone don't let no one prove you wrong. You are an animal, an animal an animal! Take these words from Jenny and Johnny and start having fun!

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