Saturday, 11 December 2010

Keeping it loose at The Music House!

Jess Morgan looking for love at the Library!
It was another Friday night at The Music House last night with a night of acoustic music. I made my way down to Jurnet's Bar which is a 12th Century cellar at Wensum Lodge in Norwich.

Last night there was no PA so it was truly an all acoustic night. First up were Ben Grizzly and Chad who are collectively known as The Loose Leaf Drifters. This was the first of three gigs they were doing on the night. With Chad on the piano they took us to the marshes with songs about Marsh Men!

Joe Potter may seem like an angry young man but his songs of protest have the ability to stir the emotions. The Coalition Government have been warned! Johnny Steinberg not to be confused with Johnny Sivebeck took us on a journey around the world with his wit and humour. From Australia to New York via a dodgy hotel in Bristol. He definitely needs water!

The Woodland Creatures with the aid of an acoustic guitar and recorder performed songs to warm the heart. They were well received by everyone in attendance as they took us on a journey through the woodlands. Jess Morgan finished the night on a high with a set of quality songs. With her distinctive voice she showed her talent as she looked for love at the library. She nearly got upstaged by a drunken fan but no one was going to up stage Jess as her talents shone through.

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