Saturday 18 December 2010

Norwich is full of the wonders of Christmas

Christmas shopping delights in Norwich
Oh the snow is falling on Gentleman's Walk as the Citizen's of Norwich are busy shopping for Christmas. Each snow flake that falls is as unique as each and everyone of us. Christmas carols can be heard being sung at St Peter Mancroft Church. Ding dong merrily on high.

Bright lights and decorations everywhere. Oh this is the season to be jolly. The temperature maybe cold but inside we are all full of the warmth of Christmas. Winter coats, scarves and gloves topped by a fetching hat is the fashion of the day. Warming cups of potato and leek soup are a must on a night like this.

We're all counting the days until Christmas Day arrives full of excitement and wonderment. From Norwich Lanes to Chapelfield the shops are full of busy Christmas shoppers looking for that last minute gift for a loved one. Smiling faces can be seen everywhere as the Citizen's of Norwich spread the spirit of Christmas.

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