Wednesday 29 May 2013

Black Clouds at The Undercroft!

After my visit to The Assembly House on Sunday 19th May 2013 I visited Rhona Byrne's It's All Up In The Air at The Undercroft behind Norwich Marketplace. This installation for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival was created using more then three thousand black balloons that were blown-up and woven together to form five black clouds.

Black clouds are immediately recognisable as a comedic emblem of misery and pessimism but there was a fun side to this installation as the clouds hovered over bright colourful islands made out of carpets. You could say every cloud has a silver lining or always look on the bright side of life as the comical and happy element of It's All Up In The Air was there for all to see.

I enjoyed my visit to The Undercroft which is a space that is normally hidden away but was brought to life for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. The black clouds looked amazing and filled the space perfectly. Rhona Byrne said that they were like cartoon drawings of a squiggle over your head.

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