Friday 17 May 2013

Reve d'Herbert at Cathedral Close

On Friday 10th May 2013 I attended the Norfolk and Norwich Festival launch where Compagnie des Quidams performed Reve d'Herbert which transformed Cathedral Close, Norwich into a luminous dreamscape. This was a spectacular outdoor celebration of the senses.

Mysterious figures, glowing from within, beckoned us into a world of ethereal beauty. The performers themselves became giant lanterns lighting the way to a climax of music, movement and majesty. Cathedral Close with the Cathedral in the background was a wonderful setting for this amazing and beautiful performance.

French performance group Compagnie des Quidams have performed Reve d'Herbert all over the world and this was a fantastic opportunity for the people of Norfolk to witness this truly spectacular show. Several thousand people were in attendance to see the Festival launch where we were taken on a incredible journey by the magical dreams of Compagnie des Quidams and their characters and beautiful music.

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