Thursday 13 June 2013

These Foolish Travels at Norwich Castle Museum

On Friday 24th May 2013 I visited Norwich Castle Museum to see the These Foolish Travels installation by Brian Griffiths which for the duration of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival was hosted in the Castle Keep. This was a carnivalesque collection of tents and temporary dwellings making for an interesting sight in this historic setting.

Through rendered signage and painted image on the exterior of these dwellings, it appeared that this village was a scaled representation of our cosmos. The tents themselves ranged in size and purpose to recall experience, from wedding parties to scouting expeditions.

While the Castle and its historical artefacts suggested the passage of time, the installation presented an absurdist rendition of space, shrunk to fit the confines of the keep's wall, with Griffiths' customary mix of poignance and humour. This was a fantastic installation at Norwich Castle Museum which brought a lot of thought provoking and gave a colourful and spectacular visual experience.

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