Monday 16 May 2011

The Handsome Family turning on the dark!

Handsome Family making it a dark Americana Friday
the 13th at Norwich Arts Centre
Friday the 13th at Norwich Arts Centre was celebrated in dark Americana style by the Handsome Family and Daniel Knox. This is the third time I've seen Brett and Rennie Sparks at the St. Benedict's Street venue. They are always good value for money.

Daniel Knox was claiming that it was everyman for himself as he scared everyone in the audience with his dark lyrics. This definitely put us in the mood for the headliners the Handsome Family.

Brett and Rennie with their married couple banter between songs put smiles on our faces. It seems that they had good value at their hotel with the all you can eat menu. Brett's cover was blown by his hat as one of his fellow guests commented that he was not a local boy. Let's hope that the hotel was still standing after Rennie showed concern that it was a mistake for Brett to leave his shirt on a radiator.

If the world comes to an end it will be the Handsome Family who will soundtrack it. If it's the loneliness of magnets that you are at or an apartment in Chicago their country tingled songs will put you in a reflective mood as you try to work out the meaning of life. Another wonderful performance from the married duo in the Fine City.

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