Saturday 14 May 2011

The secret of the Gramoulinophone

2 Rien Merci bringing the delights of
the Gramoulinophone to Great Yarmouth
Great Yarmouth Market Place was treated to the delights of the Gramoulinophone by 2 Rien Merci on Wedensday. This is the fascinating world where the strange meets the marvellous.

The Norfolk & Norwich Festival went east as I made the train journey from Norwich to Great Yarmouth making in to the Market Place just in time to take my seat in the curious little circus tent. We had to swap our token for a walnut before going into the world of 2 Rien Merci.

What goes on inside is a closely guarded secret but I can say that their mix of street arts and circus brought smiles to all our faces. Bring on the clowns with the speedy tortoise. At the end of the performance they shook all our hands as we left the Gramoulinophone. Great Yarmouth Market Place will never be the same again.

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