Sunday 15 May 2011

The Iron Man saves the world!

The Iron Man making friends outside
The Forum, Norwich
Once upon a time, the unexpected arrival of the Iron Man cast a shadow of fear across our community... But when an enormous dragon from outer space threatened to annihilate our planet, it was the Iron Man who valiantly came to our rescue.

These dramatic events from Ted Hughes' modern-day fairytale were acted out at Millennium Plain, Norwich by the Graeae Theatre Company which is an organisation composed of artists and managers with physical and sensory disabilities. This production was adapted by Paul Sirett.

On Friday evening we were all enchanted by this magical show as the Iron Man travelled to Australia to challenge the Dragon from outer space to a test of strength to save the world. Another magical event at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

The Iron Man towered above Millennium Plain and became a superhero in the process. The deaf and disabled ensemble put on a brilliant show which stirred all the emotions of both young and old. The dragon from outer space is now singing songs of peace across the Universe.

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