Monday 9 May 2011

The Wolves put on a spectacular show

The Wolves making their way down Gentleman's
Walk thrilling us with a spectacular show 
After the concert at St. Andrew's Hall on Saturday I made the short walk up to Millennium Plain to experience the excitement of Deabru Beltzak's The Wolves. Street Theatre at it's best on the streets of The Fine City for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2011.

This is a reworking of the Pied Piper of Hamelin featuring huge mechanical puppets with amazing special effects. This time it's a pianist who with their music rids a town of wolves. When the town forgets it's obligations the pianist takes revenge on the town by returning the wolves spreading chaos and ruin.

This was a spectacular show that thrilled the large crowd that followed the wolves from The Forum down Gentleman's Walk and back again. I must admit it was scary but very enjoyable. There was an adrenaline rush as we chased after the pianist and the wolves. A night that Norwich city centre will never forget.

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