Friday 6 May 2011

Saxophone Massive Festival Launch!

Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2011 launched by
Andy Sheppard's Saxophone Massive
The Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2011 is finally here with the Festival launch from Andy Sheppard's Saxophone Massive. Millennium Plain outside The Forum was packed with hundreds of people to witness this extraordinary event.

More then two hundred saxophonists from across Norfolk led by Andy Sheppard gave an amazing performance that thrilled us all in the packed crowd. It was very loud as Norwich city centre danced to the sounds of Jazz.

There was a a great atmosphere and a party vibe in the air. What a brilliant sight, with the saxophonists playing in the shadow of the St. Peter Mancroft Church. A fantastic start to the Festival with another two weeks of amazing events to look forward to. The Norfolk and Norwich Festival is up and running in great style.

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