Monday 22 November 2010

65daysofstatic make it louder and louder!

65daysofstatic making a
statement at Norwich Arts Centre
It was back to Norwich Arts Centre on Sunday night for the 65daysofstatic gig with support from Kong who couldn't wait to get on the stage in their sellotape masks. Are they a joke or do you take them seriously? I suspect it's a bit of both. Their hardcore noise may have been a bit dark and disturbing to anyone who had not experienced them before. They were all dressed in red with the bassist wearing a Minor Threat t-shirt and shorts.

After the mayhem left behind by Kong it was now the turn of 65daysofstatic to entertain us who didn't disappoint us by turning up the heat and the noise. They did loud and very loud with a mixture of intelligence and beauty. Their music has been put together technically very brilliantly.  While they were doing their set it like travelling through a black hole making you wonder what was on the other side.

Another brilliant night at Norwich Arts Centre where I was left with a feeling of excitement and exhaustion. It's still like my ears are bleeding!

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