Monday 22 November 2010

Shine on you Lucky Shiner!

It was a case of shine on you Lucky Shiner as Gold Panda brought the beats to Norwich Arts Centre on Saturday night. Ghost Eyes were the support on the night who entertained us with dirty keyboards. It was dark dancing to a massive beat!

The main event of the evening was Lucky Shiner Time with Gold Panda making a big splash and proving that he is a genius. It was a brilliant night with amazing Electronica and visuals. It was like the music was speaking to you. You don't need vocals to be emotional as Gold Panda proves on Lucky Shiner one of the best albums of the year. If Beethoven or Mozart were alive today they would be interested in how Electronica music has evolved.

Gold Panda had his hood up for the set as he took us through a magical journey on his Apple Mac with a background of abstract visuals. This was definitely a night to remember from Chelmsford's Derwin.

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